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Savagewood Guitars "Savagewood I


​Meticulously Handcrafted​ from Aged Tone Woods then Masterfully Reliced .

We are proud to offer Savagewood Guitars "Savagewood I".

Weighing only 5 lbs 13.2 ozs.

Made in the USA

This instrument is for Tone Freaks.


Body: Ash

Finish: Paper Thin Nitrocellulose/Relic and Patina by Protocaster (One Off)

Neck: Flamed Maple/One piece

Tuners: Sperzel Locking

Bridge: Hipshot

Pickup: Duncan JB

This guitar is an absolute gem, weighing  5lbs 13.2 ozs, incredibly responsive and indeed a one of a kind build. Made in the USA by Savagewood Guitars.

Now accepting orders

Neck Dimensions

1st     1.670

5th     1.844

12th    2.040

Neck Depth

1st     0.84

5th     0.87

12th   0.91

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