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Gibson Les Paul Standard/Deluxe 2001 Exceptional Neck Set


Moe's Guitars, Our philosophy: If we wouldn't play it, we wouldn't sell it; it's that simple.

If you know the time line of similar Gibson Les Paul's It all started with the 56" Gold Top. In the late 70's it bacme the Les Paul Pro. Moving to the early 90's Gibson took that platform and turn out the 40th Anniversary Les Paul, only with Gold Hardware and a Ebony fretboard. Fast forward to 2001 The Les Paul Standard/Deluxe.

This one came in from its original owner and is in better condition than most new instruments hanging on the walls of Big Box Stores. The person that assembled this one at Gibson took their job and craft seriously.

Neck: The neck set is perfect making the action super low free of dead spots or buzzing. The truss rod, which is functional still has the black sealant on it from Gibson. Yet, after being unloved for many years the neck remained straight and true.

Frets: The fret wire shows no wear to speak of.

Fretboard: The fretboard is rosewood with beautifully grained inlay reminiscent of the Gibson Celebrity Series Guitars.

Neck Profile: The neck is a slim 60's profile that measures Width

1.665 Nut

1.899 5th fret center

2.015 12th fret center


0.86 1st fret center

0.88 5th fret center

0.94 12th fret center

Weight: 9 lbs 8.1 ozs

Body: Maple Cap on Mahogany

Top: Deep Dish Carve

Binding: Wide binding inside cut-a way that is cream in color.

Knobs: Gold Top Hats with Pointers that have aged nicely.

Tuners: Original Tulip Tuners that function as they should.

Hardware: Magnets don't lie. Aluminum Nashville Tune-O-Matic and Tailpiece.

Electronics: 2 P90 pickups that are pure in tone, but can be driven hard. The electrons are all original without a solder joint broken.

Cosmetics: Exceptionally clean for a 17 year old Black Les Paul. Below the control plate there is a scratch that is about 3/4". There are no cracks or repairs. No rash or worming. The neck, top and sides are extremely clean free of dings and chips. The back has several pen head size indentations noticeable when held under bright light and tilted.

What we did:

Oil fretboard

Check Truss Rod (the neck didn't need adjusting)

Tighten tuners

Restring with 9.5-44

Clean and lubricate electronics

Set action


You will be hard pressed to find one this clean. Thank you for looking at this Les Paul and our other Gear. Moe;s Guitars are dealers of Hofner Gold Label, Mad Professor, Lock-It Straps, Traveler Guitar & EBS Patch Cords.

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