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Our philosophy: If we wouldn't play it, we wouldn't sell it; it's that simple.

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Chafin Xalta #1


Moe's Guitars, Our philosophy: If we wouldn't play it, we wouldn't sell it; it's that simple.

Chafin Custom Guitar Xalta Serial #1. Ben Chafin is widely known as the former head of the Dean Custom Shop. Ben builds spectacular boutique instruments at his shop located in Florida. Chafin Custom Guitars a made from the finest materials Earth has to offer. These instruments are crafted by Ben Chafin himself, not a team of artisans as some companies employee.


This instrument went overseas and sat in a collection unplayed for years. It shows no wear. It took months of dealings with the Government to bring this back into the the USA due to its Rosewood Neck.

Upon its return I had Phil D'Angelo ( former under study of Tommy Doyle) level, crown and polish the frets (wood moves). Phil is one of the best luthiers/techs you will find on the East Coast. 

The Perfect Size and Weight:

Wider than a Les Paul, but Smaller than a 335 it is a pleasure to play standing or sitting without being hunched over. It weights only 8 lbs 3 ozs due to its African Limba Back.


Rosewood Neck with a Flamed Maple Head Stock cut from the same Billet as the Top. The Head Stock is signed by Ben Chafin, not a decal.


Sperzel Locking


Rosewood bound with Flame Maple

Fret Wire:



Single Arrow Head


Extraordinary Flamed Maple Finished in Lemon Burst


Natural African Limba Contoured at the Neck 


DiMarzio Virtual PAF Pickups in the Neck & Bridge with Push/Pull Tone Pots and 3 way Toggle. These pickups deliver a sweet vintage tone with a nice bloom.


Tone Pros Wrap

Scale Length:



Thin skin nitro finished by Ben Chafin himself.


Hard- Shell Chafin Custom Guitar Case 

The neck is a wide then profile, but nothing like found on PRS guitars.

Neck Dimensions Width:

1.758 at the Nut

1.888 Center 5th

2.096 Center 12th

Neck Dimensions Depth:

0.85 Center 1st Fret

0.81 Center 5th Fret for Speed and Ease of Bending

0.87 12th Fret Center

The integrity of this instrument is 100% spot on! If you are seeking a instrument truly extraordinary from the Big Manufactures I do believe you are looking at it.


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