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PRS Singlecut 10 Top 2001 Pre Law Suit


Moe's Guitars, Our philosophy: If we wouldn't play it, we wouldn't sell it; it's that simple.

If there is any instrument to rival our beloved R9's it is this. At almost $0.50 cents on the dollar I call this a winner and am sure you too will.

I measure 25" from nut to bridge, which would make this a 2001 according to PRS History. As per The PRS History site the bird inlay also point to 2001. I do believe these are called "Pre Law Suit" Guitars.

Specs from PRS

SINGLECUT: 2000 - 2007

Singlecut body shape with carved maple top

Mahogany back and neck

Rosewood fretboard, 25” scale length

10” fretboard radius

Optional bird inlays

Wide Fat neck carve

PRS #7 Treble and Bass pickups

Two volume and two tone controls

3-way toggle on upper bout


The top, side and necks are free of dings, dents and cracks.

The instrument shows No Signs of repairs, alterations or modifications. The integrity of the instrument is 100% spot on including the truss rod being fully functional. The back shows some very minor fine surface rash when held under light.


Sealed Vintage Tulip




Chunky, but not over kill as on others I have had




1.710 Center of the 1st fret

1.858 Center of the 5th fret

2.025 Center of the 12th fret


0.91 Center of the 1st fret

0.92 Center of the 5th fret

0.96 Center of the 12th fret

Fret Wire

No wear to speak of.


Low without buzzing, dead spots or choking across the register. Pickups

Bold, well voiced and articulate with a vintage bloom.


Cleaned and lubricated. Free of unwanted noise.


Nickel showing a vintage patina as Nickel does.


9 lbs 9.4 Ozs


Original PRS Case with the #3 on it. To me that implies it was a backup rarely played as its condition proves.

Explanation of Condition

Very Good describes items with perhaps a few more cosmetic imperfections than Excellent but is still in great condition overall. With a Very Good guitar, for example, you might find some scratches, buckle rash, or other minor blemishes but nothing that affects the playability or function of the instrument.

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