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Gibson 54' ES-Les Paul Wrap VOS Gold Top


Moe's Guitars, Our philosophy: If we wouldn't play it, we wouldn't sell it; it's that simple.

For those that love the 54' Gold Top Les Paul's with a wrap this may interest you. This is a 2015 ES-Les Paul Gold Top that I cannot find any reference to on Gibson's web site. Maybe my aging eyes missed it, so if it is listed as a regular production run please share.

I upgraded the bridge to a Schaller Signum for spot on intonation. I will say it is a direct replacement to the Gibson studs, but not an exact fit. None the less it does the job and the Gibson will be included.

The integrity of the instrument is spot on with a functional truss rod and a straight and true neck. The frets show no wear to speak of. The instrument plays across the register without choking, dead spots or buzzing.

Originality With the exception of the Schaller Signum the instrument is free of modifications, alterations and repairs. Electronics 100% original. The P90's have Sweet Bold Voice that stands out from humbuckers.

Cosmetics The Top, Back, Sides, Head Stock and Neck are Free of worming, rash, dings and dents. The top does have what looks like 3 very small check marks and the binding by the toggle has a slight discoloration from sitting in the case.

Neck Size Width

1.693 Center 1st fret

1.851 Center 5th fret

2.029 Center 12th fret

Neck Depth

0.91 Center 1st fret

0.93 Center 5th fret

0.98 Center 12th fret

As the specs tell us this has a smaller neck that the 54' Les Paul runs.


6 lbs 2.2 ozs


Original Gibson Case with COA

This instrument is clean enough to be listed as NOS, however since it was owned and traded to my shop I cannot do that. I will say you will not be disappointed.

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