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Our philosophy: If we wouldn't play it, we wouldn't sell it; it's that simple.



Fed Ex and The USPS are our preferred carriers for the USA. Outside of the USA our preferred carrier is DHL.

  All items ship insured, at full value, no exception.


 Moe's Guitars offers a 60 Day lay-a-way with 1/3 down. The layaway balance to be paid off by the 60th day. Lay-A-Way deposits are not refundable if the agreement is broken. In the event you need to cancel the Law-A-Way Agreement the deposit is non refundable.

We will work with all our layaway customers to try and make everything work amicably. After you put your item in lay-a-way you will be sent an invoice. After you pay the invoice your product is in lay-a-way.

* Moe's Guitars is not a finance company, bank or pawn shop. Our intention is to bring the active musician/collector the very best hand selected instruments at discount prices. However, if a person commits to our lay-a-Way agreement we will remove the item from all listings. The removal of the instrument causes Moe's Guitars to miss opportunity to grow our business and customer base. The no refund policy  is strictly enforced, not to profit, but to discourage those who cannot complete the transaction in 2 month's time, from date of original installment, to not enter into the lay-a-way agreement. * Law A Way is granted on a person to person basis*. Please use our contact page if interested.

By Appointment

We understand the need for some clients to try before they buy. For that reason we offer, by appointment viewings. Please be punctual, as we set aside time specifically for you. To schedule an appointment you can email us a [email protected], or call us a 774-234-6637 (Moes).

Wholesale or as we like to call it Moesale

Moe is always looking for new partnerships to both buy and sell.  Wholesale pricing is available to dealers on the purchase of three or more instruments. Moe believes It is better to build bridges than walls. Please use our contact page to discuss quantity discounts.


PayPal, Cashiers Check, Cash upon local pickup. If paying with Cashiers Check, the item will only ship once funds are verified and the check has cleared the bank. We apologize for inconvenience, but there are many counterfeit Cashiers Checks in Circulation.